The 13  Most Important Fitness Exercises for Women


Women need to be fitter as compared to men. A proper fitness exercise regime is must for women to go through over-burdened responsibilities. At the Fitness Centre, gym trainers provide workout fitness exercises exclusively for women. To attain fitness, a woman must do the following most important exercises:

  1. Birthing Squat: This exercise is beneficial for your inner thighs and butts. Your inner legs are toned into great shape if you do this exercise daily.

  2. Splits: This is not necessary that you have to do splits only if you are in dancing or cheerleading squad. Splits are very important if you want limber legs. You must do this after your workout because that makes you less injury prone.

  3. Stiletto Squat: This is a calf-burning exercise. Other than wearing heels, you should also make this a workout routine so that you can wear your heels without any pains. Tone up your legs, calves and butts with this simple exercise.

  4. Assisted Handstand: This one is important in order to have balance in your body. This also enhances the shoulder strength so that you can be as strong as men are in physical terms.

  5. Hitch Kick: This is a nice stretch that helps you get strengthened quads.

  6. Carwheels: Cartwheel is one of the most favorite exercises of all since childhood. It improves flexibility, shoulder strength and also brings balance in your body.

  7. Headstand: This workout exercise is for balancing your body weight.

  8. Sweeping Crescent Kick: Not sure, if you want to kick somebody out but this routine can help you improve your flexibility. In times of self-defense this can surely be of great help.

  9. Tabletop Leg Lift: This move can ensure toned legs and glutes.

  10. Arabesque: This requires your body to balance with concentration. So it provides a good balance of physical as well as mental health.

  11. Side Plank with Leg Lift: This is a fun and effective exercise which makes tightens your obliques.

  12. Skater Lunge: This one must be your favorite if you love skating. Keep the right amount of balance in your body and enjoy this amazing workout exercise.

  13. Dancer's pose: You can try out the dancer pose to check or improve your body's flexibility. If you are successful you can even include other dance steps to make your workout fun and interesting.

Workout can surely be fun if you follow these exercises daily.